About Me

Never one to stay anywhere too long, my career to date has seen me working in the UK, USA, Spain and Belgium. It all started with a university placement. Although I was studying law, I went to work for the Brussels based International Diabetes Federation, in their magazine and book production department. My love for all things written and published was born!

That seems a lifetime ago, especially since the arrival of our two little girls. Settled on the Costa del Sol, I now work full time in real estate and write for pleasure (and a few clients) in between the nappy and feeding production line!

How I Became a Freelance Writer

A stint of work experience at The Independent on Sunday developed into my first freelance job. Short articles and interviews that I had written started to appear regularly in the travel section and ultimately financed my final year at university. It was very exciting to see my name in print each week. Mum and Dad were even more excited that I was funding myself and kept all the clippings as proof!

After graduation, I worked in the marketing departments of academic publishing house Palgrave Macmillan and, later on, Allianz Cornhill, a multinational insurance company, before relocating to Spain. Arriving on the Costa del Sol in boom time, I soon got sucked into the world of real estate and started to learn all there was to know about selling, renting and furnishing properties.

Of all the skills I have developed over the years, I love writing the most. In fact, I love everything to do with writing, whether it be for blogs, magazines, websites or newspapers.

Over the years, I have been phenomenally lucky to meet a hugely diverse range of people and have developed a network of great contacts. I am now working in partnership with several marketing companies on the Costa del Sol and in the UK, providing SEO friendly web content and ghost writing blog posts for their commercial clients. No subject matter has yet proved too daunting and I am enjoying researching all the topics almost as much as I like writing about them!

As a freelance writer, I am currently writing about real estate, interiors, travel, weddings, Spain and the expat and family lifestyle as well as reviews, web content and property market reports. I am also available to assist with proofreading and editing tasks.

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