Happy Mum Happy Baby

Following on from my last podcast discovery The Parent Hood, I’ve now discovered Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum Happy Baby.

Giovanna first came to my attention when she and her husband Tom Fletcher (McFly singer) posted a series of adorable You Tube videos documenting her pregnancy from announcement through to the introduction of their adorable boys. My eldest was born just a few weeks before their eldest so their journey struck a particular chord. However, then my own life took over and it wasn’t until I listened to Giovanna’s interview on The Parent Hood that I learned of her book Happy Mum Happy Baby and new podcast.

I wish I’d known about the book earlier. First time “mumming” can be lonely, daunting, overwhelming and a little bit isolating. I was really lucky to have great support around me but in the middle of the night when I’d tried to soothe my eldest to the sounds of Pretty Amazing Grace for the millionth time, I could have done with a bit of “Giovanna solidarity”. Because that’s what this book is – not particularly a book of advice or tips (although they are there) and certainly not an instruction manual, but it’s her account of motherhood in an easy to read and approachable fashion.


For her blog series, Giovanna has invited other celebrities to describe their motherhood experiences. I’m being a bit of a podcast junkie at the moment and listening whenever I can. So far I’ve heard Davina McCall and Emma Willis give their accounts but it was Alex Jones’ story which resonated particularly. Younger than me but “an older mum”, she expressed her fears for being that bit older than most first time mums and described how in the end she realised that we’re all in the same boat, whatever age we are. I’ve since bought her book Winging It (such a great title – I’ve often felt that’s exactly what I’m doing!)51zXeADNs9L._SX342_BO1,204,203,200_

The podcast with Jo Malone made me look at her in a whole new light – what a woman. Kimberley Walsh understood my stress at having two children far too close together (especially for a woman of my age!). The episode I listened to most recently was fairly traumatic with Elle Wright and Michelle Cottle recounting their experiences of stillbirth and infant death – too close to home to be comfortable listening but also good to know that none of us are alone. I cried too!

I keep wanting to speak back to whoever Giovanna is chatting to and exclaim “me too, me too”! So thanks Giovanna and guests. Please make another series before I run out of your back catalogue!

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