Herbalife – Week Three


Finally I feel like I’m getting into a rhythm and seeing it in black and white on the scales! After last weeks blip (and weight increase), I’m finally a smidgen away from a kilo down from day one (and a kilo and a half down from last week).

I’m making both my milkshakes in the morning and leaving my lunchtime one in the fridge before setting off for work. It’s much better to have it ready to go rather than risk being tempted by something quicker or easier (or quieter!) to make when I get home. Let’s face it, there’s nothing complicated about mixing powder and milk in a nutribullet but as I sometimes don’t get home for lunch till 4pm and am hungry, all reason can soon fly out of the window!

I was much more disciplined at the weekend. The weather was so glorious that it made you WANT to be good! I did indulge in my tomato on toast on Saturday morning but walked a little way to earn it and considered it a treat so didn’t feel I was depriving myself. On Sunday we took the children to the beach for a couple of hours with a snacky picnic and my protein bar fitted right in with their choccie biscuit bars.

My cheapie activity watch finally made a bid for freedom somewhere on Saturday morning. Timing was ideal as I’d ordered a Fitbit to be collected the same day and paid for with a gift voucher left over from Christmas that I’d completely forgotten about! We are gadget junkies in our house so it was going to happen sooner or later but I’m loving having something much more interactive to log my steps and weight.

And my sleep! It’s fascinating seeing the sleep stats! My sleep is all over the place which is hardly surprising with a 2 year old and a 4 year old. I must try and get my act together though and get to bed earlier rather than indulging in my hour of me time and TV time once the family is in bed, school bags packed and clothes laid out for the morning! The One Show presenter, Alex Jones, in her anecdotal book about becoming a Mum, Winging It, talks about how you need sleep to lose weight. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Her Teddy is still a baby so she’ll learn not to expect a full night’s sleep for another year or so!

Either it’s my imagination, or Herbalife is definitely having some positive side effects. Despite not a lot of sleep the last few weeks, I’m much more focused at work and in my other activities. I was asked to contribute a chapter to a book being compiled by Ali Meehan of CostaWomen and whereas a few weeks ago I would have put it off and procrastinated until the last minute, I knuckled down and got it done after the family went to bed on Friday night so that I didn’t have to dwell on it over the weekend. I’ve also been asked to edit a book on Mindfulness – a topic that’s not really crossed my radar before so I’m feeling positive about that one too. As well, being a distributor is giving me much more of a sense of determination and responsibility to try harder myself at losing weight and staying on track with my Herbalife lifestyle choice.

It’s another bank holiday in Estepona today celebrating San Isidro de Labrador so again it’s all about the children. Luckily I’m going out with my sponsor and her children so it will be a case of “I’m having what she’s having!” – God, I hope she’s hungry! Later on we’ll be going to town to watch the parade – this is one of my favourites with cows, horses, carriages and children in their colourful countryside style outfits.


Grace came home from school with this present she made for the family to celebrate Family Day which is also today

Have a great week everybody!




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