Herbalife – Week Two

My Herbalife sponsor always says if you have a bad week, think about what you did wrong and rectify it for the next week. So, time to think.

Actually, I don’t have to think that hard… I was a horror at the weekend. When I look back at how I achieved my goals before Christmas, I allowed myself a treat on a Saturday and Sunday which gave me a real impetus to get through the week. Instead, this weekend my “bad” was to grant myself two days entirely made up of treats!

Saturday started pretty well. I really wanted to go to the beach for tostada con tomate in the morning but resisted the urge. But then the husband decided to nap away the afternoon which, combined with a surge of monthly hormones and crossness that I had to do the weekly shop once again on a Saturday night, created a treat monster like no other. In fact, I remember feeding the children their dinner on Saturday night but I can’t remember having any myself so it was probably just a load of rubbish!


Día de la Madre present for the littlest one

Sunday was a fantastic day with a trip to the zoo and pizza for dinner. Fantastic family time but not so great for the weight loss plan. It was Día de la Madre in Spain which meant that zoo entry was free for mums, as was a meal in their restaurant (didn’t choose the salad…) and when you’ve had such a great day that your four year old asks politely to go out for tea before going home, resistance is futile.

I had the Italian version of my tomato on toast (that I was still craving from the day before) while the husband gorged on pasta and the children picked on their pizza. My bruschetta was DELICIOUS but probably didn’t rate very highly on the protein/energy healthy option scorecard and so when we got home and everyone was asleep while I was preparing the school bags for the new week, still fighting those hormones, and the bag of marshmallows fell out of the cupboard… well put it this way, the children aren’t getting any marshmallows this week!

fuengirola pizza

When they’re good, they’re very very good

So, needless to say, the scales are probably telling the grim truth this morning. Hormones are still in residence so I’m going to allow myself some fluctuation for that and repeat the mantra of “must try harder”. Weekday treats MUST NOT HAPPEN. Weekend treats to be minimal, and only taken when in the interests of family harmony (ie. no late night alone snacking). A couple of other ladies have now joined as my Herbalife buddies so hopefully they will keep me on the straight and narrow. I’m going to check the Herbalife list of snacks as well to make sure I’m eating enough in the afternoon so I’m not so hungry at night.

Now where did I put that protein bar???


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