Herbalife – Day One (Second Attempt)


I was “encouraged” to try Herbalife last September by a friend who had been converted to the Herbalife way of life after losing three stone. She has beautiful twins the same age as my eldest daughter and was not feeling good about the way she looked three years after their arrival. She has done amazingly well. Her perseverance and determination to change her life has really paid off – her new “outdoorsy” lifestyle, energy and joie de vivre is just incredible. She’s a real inspiration!

My friend has the luxury of a bit more time than me to join exercise groups and is now very committed to her training. Having said that, if I had the extra time, I’m not sure I’d be as motivated as she is to try kick boxing and all the other workouts she does. However, I am going to send my four year old to her for some roller blading instruction! Hopefully I can find a weekly exercise class not too far from home in the near future – one where I don’t feel too fatshamed to go back!


Herbalife and I rubbed together pretty well from September. I found milkshake flavours that worked for me and added a banana to the breakfast shake and berries to the lunchtime one. Protein bars were my saviour giving me my daily chocolate fix. Some days were easier than others. Lunchtime commitments sometimes meant I didn’t have time to make my shake between work shifts and inlaw visits meant loads of temptation and not much time at home to get into my Herbalife routine. However, by Christmas I had lost 10kg and was very pleased with my progress.

But then it all went down hill…

Christmas is hard when you’re following any diet plan, let’s be honest. Add in the depressing element of being stuck in a sick house with poorly children and a husband suffering badly from flu and the willpower flew out of the window. And all that chocolate in the house!!!

Into the New Year I was back on my morning shake but that was all. Any excuse for me to miss the lunchtime one and I’d take it! Then it was getting a bit expensive, weather was rubbish, etc etc. Name the excuse and I’ve made it!

But, back with vengeance today 1st May. I’m thrilled to say that despite quite a lot of excess, I’ve only gained a kilo since my lowest point. That in itself is encouraging. So I’ve had my vanilla shake this morning with a banana for an extra boost. I didn’t lick the knife when I made the children’s nutella toast this morning and protein bars are ready for action later on. I’ll be making a mint choc shake for lunch before I head out to a children’s party (willpower tester) – that’s a new flavour for me so I’m hoping it’s as delicious as mint choc ice cream and won’t get too repetitive!


My sponsor tells me I have to plan my day with sufficient snacks (the right sort obviously) – it’s not easy when you’re working full time and juggling two under-fives to find snacks that fit in but I’m going to try! Scrambled egg is one that’s recommended but it’s a bit difficult to make while you’re out on viewing with clients!

I know Herbalife isn’t for everyone and it has its “haters” as well as its converts but it’s important to find what works for you and I need something easy to follow that fits with your life. I’m not going to be making special dinners for myself or following it too rigorously at weekends – family time is too important to mess with. I heard a tip on The Parent Hood podcast the other day about pouring washing up liquid on children’s leftovers as soon as they’ve finished eating to stop mums picking at leftovers – that may be one to try!

Wish me luck!





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