Google Yourself

28th March 2011

Have you ever googled yourself on the internet?

I don’t really mean in an egotistical way – although it will be for some people. I decided to search on my name when an old school friend got in touch with me by email after finding my name and business email address on the web. It was great to hear from her but it was unusual that she’d found me through that route, rather than via facebook or another social networking group.

So, I did a simple Google search on my name and found out all sorts of exciting things about myself by clicking on the links that appeared. Not only did it bring up the address and telephone number of where I lived in the UK over ten years ago but I also found someone with the same Christian name and surname as me, living in the town that I used to live in – on the same street. That was a bit freaky and I did wonder if my identity had been stolen at first. After a bit more research, I discovered that she was quite a lot younger than me, a lot more wealthy and highly successful in her chosen field of graphic design so I guess she’s not trying to steal my identity after all!

It would appear that I’m also a very talented musical comedian and ventriloquist in San Pedro – but that would be San Pedro in Belize rather than our local area here in Marbella.

I’m very fit as I have been the runner up in numerous North of England road races in the UK and I regularly compete in dressage on my horse, Big Risk when I’m in Australia.

According to LinkedIn I have fantastic red spiral curly hair (which I probably hate) although in some other photos I appear to resemble a pixie with a dark brown cropped do.

I have mixed fortunes for my dog has eaten my car keys according to the Evening Post in Yorkshire but I have been photographed with a man known as the Fashion Assassin in New Zealand. Do we think he’s a bit like Gok Wan? Who knows!

Although I’m very busy in my job as a litigation assistant somewhere in London, I have been tipped to take over an industrial services company in Rotterdam. They obviously haven’t heard that the court in North Carolina has charged me with securities fraud and seized my assets.

Oh well, I think I’ll just stick to being me. But I do recommend that you have a quick search on your own name – you won’t believe some of the things that you find out.


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